What to Consider When You Make Your Own Business Cards


Every business needs their own look when it comes to stationary. At any time you send correspondence into an individual there needs to be considered a subject which runs throughout the business enterprise which will enable one to easily recognise it is in your company before they begin reading. A frequent theme, used during a lengthy time frame creates this effect and gives clients a sense of confidence because they feel that the company is professional and stable.

Form Factor

The standard size for Print Business Cards is 90mm by 55mm; this allows them to easily fit into any wallet. A less well recognized seminar could be that contact information is exhibited. Ordinarily the company name will probably carry the largest font, accompanied with the postal speech, then telephone number along with other contact information.


When you create your own personal business cards are a couple reasons the comparison between your written text and the desktop needs to be as extreme as you can. Primarily making sure that the written text colour is wholly dissimilar to the background will ensure that the writing is easily read by people but in addition, if the company card is scanned and run through OCR (optical character recognition) software a definite contrast between decoration and lettering is likely to make it easier for computers to browse as well. Generally either using text on a white background or vice versa is best. If you wish to use another kind of colouring decide to try to generate the text an extremely light or dark color of the colour you want to use and juxtapose it with exactly the alternative kind of wallpaper.

Function + Aesthetics

It’s well worth keeping in mind that the main intent of a business card is to make your organizations contact details offered to people you want to get in touch with you. This is why the writing shouldn’t float the background or design. If it does, you might want to apply a gradient to the desktop to generate a higher comparison at the idea the writing overlaps. Alternatively an overview or encircling box on the writing will probably help in keeping your contact information observable. The total image of your business will also assist you to decide just how much to embellish your business. A cleaner appearance will put across a more professional image while creative businesses might want to create more of a direct effect.


When you have previously commissioned some sort of design for a logo or other static, it might be worth making your business card a continuation of that. When you still have not used any sort of design for the stationary it is undoubtedly worth making it continue as a theme through the duration of any additional static. If you can send HTML mails (as opposed to plain text messages) you can also want to use exactly the exact art to decorate them too well. This might be the ideal way to begin turning your company into a brand concerning time to belief, which is virtually instant and cost effectiveness.


Selecting a system of printing business cards is essentially down to the variety of cards you need. If you only want a tiny number with this occasion you might want to publish them using a standard USB printer but keep in mind the thickness of this card going right through the printer, may be your printer capable? Then consider the quality, banding and imperfections will likely render that heap of cards unworthy. If you do decide to print your business cards be sure you make printing as easy as you can.
You could have come across standalone machines that print business cards. These machines can handle always printing tens of thousands of business cards at one time however you may find them prohibitive concerning design.

Printing businesses will be able to provide you with a larger choice of templates (should you want them), paper types and printing procedures. All you need to do is make sure that the range of business cards you are most likely to need make with them cost effective.

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